Short Notes Portraits is an Amsterdam based small crew of cinephiles
passionate about storytelling, the world of fashion, cinematography and
the arts & crafts. Our editorial vision aims at intimate portraits of curators,
editors, designers, craftsmen and all those who exercise their craft behind
and on the scene, in order to share with an audience their eccentric stories
in short cinematographic portraits

Assigned by the Rijksmuseum in 2014, Short Notes Portraits portrayed
the restoration and conservation of the famous mid eighteenth century room,
the Beuningkamer, which now is permanently on show in the Rijksmuseum,
Amsterdam. During 2015 we realized
Perfume, a certain tradition,

a documentary on the tradition of perfumery. In-depth portraits of some of the
most prominent perfumers of today offer an exclusive insight in the unique
and secretive endeavor of perfume creation. Mr. Pierre Bourdon,
Michel Roudnitska, Mr. Frédéric Malle, collector George Stam and the iconic
Serge Lutens all generously share with us their view on the captivating tradition
of creating something so elusive and fleeting as perfume through the ages.

Short Notes Portraits is greatly thankful to these elaborated craftsmen and
has abridged their fascinating stories to produce this timeless classic. We are
open to any form of collaboration and invite any editor, curator or creative, any
brand, publishing house or museum to collaborate or associate with the
small crew of Short Notes Portraits
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